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Smokie Dog Treats Cookie Bones Crunchy Gourmet Doggy-O's 100g

Smokie Dog Treats Cookie Bones Crunchy Gourmet Doggy-O's 100g

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Introducing a luxurious twist on doggy treats with Smokie Dog Treats Cookie Bones: Crunchy Gourmet Doggy-O's. Crafted meticulously with your dog's indulgent tastes and health in mind, every treat in this range mirrors the allure of a classic cookie but is designed exclusively for our four-legged family members.

Drawing inspiration from the world of gourmet confections, the Crunchy Gourmet Doggy-O's are a delectable fusion of crunch and flavor. While they appear fit for a human dessert table, these Cookie Bones are packed with quality ingredients suitable for your pup.

The highlight of this treat is its delightful crunch which not only entertains but subtly aids in dental care, promoting cleaner teeth with every savory bite.

Suitable for dogs across all breeds and sizes, every 100g bag of Smokie's Crunchy Gourmet Doggy-O's stands as a testament to our undying commitment to offering premium canine luxury.

Storage Instructions:
For maximum crunch and prolonged freshness, store the treats at room temperature in their original packaging, shielded from direct sunlight.

Feeding Guide:
Recommend serving one treat daily as a delightful snack. Always have a bowl of fresh water available for your pup. Remember, these gourmet treats are meant to complement your dog's diet, never to replace their regular meals. Delight in the simple pleasure of watching your furball relish the best of gourmet canine treats!

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