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Smokie Dog Treats BBQ Bones Australian Roasted Lamb Chops 100g

Smokie Dog Treats BBQ Bones Australian Roasted Lamb Chops 100g

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Step into a world of gourmet delight with Smokie Dog Treats BBQ Bones, inspired by the rich flavors of Australian Roasted Lamb Chops. These treats, artfully shaped to resemble tantalizing bones, are the very definition of luxury snacking for your pup.

Completely devoid of rawhide and filled with the aromatic essence of barbecue, these treats are more than just snacks — they're an experience. Rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals, they promise both taste and nutrition in every bite.

Perfectly tailored for small to medium-sized connoisseurs aged 4 months and up, each pack ensures a journey of flavors from the heart of Australia to your dog's bowl.

Storage Instructions:
For unmatched freshness, store these treats at room temperature in their original packaging. Ensure a dry spot away from direct sunlight.

Feeding Guide:
Offer 1/2 a BBQ bone daily as a delightful supplement to meals. Always pair with fresh water. Watch with joy as your pet revels in this gastronomic adventure!

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